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Olimpia Symphony Orchestra was founded in 2018 in Italy by the pianist Roberta Pandolfi and the conductor Francesca Perrotta.
It is a women’s symphony orchestra made up of young professional musicians with a solid orchestra experience.
The aim of the orchestra is to involve public listening to classical music proposing arias from Opera, symphonies, solo concertos, with keen attention to female composers in classical tradition and contemporary music.
Olimpia proposes an original formula, the one of “concert-show”: thanks to the presence of a professional actress-presenter, the public is offered with a “listening guide” which involves young and old generations and also audiences not used to classical music concerts.
Olimpia Orchestra debuted  at the Rossini Theatre in Italy during the Woman Day celebration with a charity concert. Profit has been devolved to the Medicine Department of Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.
Olimpia Orchestra may perform in different orchestral ensemble, such as symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, chamber ensembles, depending on the repertoire.

Francesca Perrotta
Clio Gaudenzi - Actress



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